Cory Bernardi Gives 50 Shades Of Grey 4 ½ Stars


Controversial Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has penned a lengthy and overwhelmingly positive review of  Sam Taylor-Johnson’s blockbuster 50 Shades of Grey.

In a 1200 word critique posted on Rotten Tomatoes, the South Australian politician praised the film for its realistic portrayal of “heteronormative relations” and argued that the film would make a worthy edition to many high school English, Studies of Religion and Science curricula.

“This is arguably the first film that I’ve ever seen which demonstrates a mature understanding of love,” wrote Bernardi. “Love isn’t timid and love isn’t fair, it’s aggressive, it’s passionate, it’s painful and it’s 100% heterosexual. 50 Shades not only understands that, it understands life.”

Senator Benrardi’s review has drawn a sharp rebuke from founder of online magazine Mamamia, Mia Freedman. “I haven’t actually had a chance to read the review or watch the movie and as such I have very strong opinions about it”, Freedman told The (un) Australian.

Bernardi reportedly saw the film with colleague and good friend, the honourable Bronwyn Bishop MP.

Nathan Lentern

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