Canadian Election Result Major Shock To Those Who Had No Idea Canada Was Having An Election


The defeat of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has surprised a majority of the world who had no inkling that Canada was even holding an election.

“Wow, I guess it’s something I should have been aware of but to be totally honest it had fallen completely under the radar,” said Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. “I guess I’d better send the new guy a Facebook message or something. ‘All the best’ and so on.”

Stock exchanges around the world were unsure how to respond or even if they needed to.

“What’s this going to effect?” asked ASX trader Vic Fastbuck. “Seal Skin futures or something. I’d better go trawling through the web to see if the price of Bryan Adams albums are going up or going down.”

While the world has become fixated on the next US federal election, a scant 13 months away, journalists trying to sell articles profiling the candidates in the Canadian election have found slim pickings.

“Even the Toronto Daily Bugle and the Vancouver Champion Post didn’t seem to be much bothered,” said political pundit Chuck Ayy about the two biggest newspapers in Canada. “When the most important part of your job is to hang around at major conferences with the New Zealand leader trying to get into photo shots, no-one really cares.”

Peter Green

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