Men’s Rights Activist Threatens To Enter Australia Against Its Consent


A Men’s Rights Activist who has argued for the legalisation of rape has threatened to enter Australia despite the countries pleas begging the man to stop.

Daryush ‘Roosh’ Valizadeh of ‘neo-masculinist’ group Return of Kings has posted on his blog that he intends to join a Canberra meet-up of his organisation;

“I’m a man. I want this. Therefore I’m entitled to this,” he told his followers.

Mr Valizadeh has previously stirred controversy by advocating for the legalisation of rape. By legalising forced sex on private property, Mr Valizadeh argued, women would fear rape (something that they don’t fear now) and would protect their bodies the way they protect their phones.

“We shouldn’t legalise the stealing of phones, however,” Mr Valizadeh elaborated, “as I own one and I don’t want it stolen.”

Local members of Return of Kings have criticised Australia’s opposition to the self-proclaimed ‘pick-up artist’;

“Australia should be flattered it’s getting any attention at all. It’s fat and ugly and no one would want to be with it anyway,” a Sydney member posted on the Return of Kings’ forums.

Other members criticised the country for being ‘stuck-up’, complained that it had not responded to its messages after 10 minutes, and stated that Australia should ‘smile more’.

Matthew Farthing is the Politics Reporter for the (un)Australian. He points to Bernie Sanders’ loss in the caucus he was predicted to lose in as further evidence of a conspiracy against Bernie Sanders.

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3 replies

  1. Roosh is not a Men’s Rights Activist and returnofkings is not a Men’s Rights site


  2. Infantile brats pretending to be men.


  3. Roosh V is not a Men’s Rights Activist, and Return of Kings is not a Men’s Rights Website, it is a PUA (pick up artist) website, and in fact MRA’s and PUA’s have been at loggerheads for years.

    PUA’s try to teach gullible young men how to sell their souls to pick up women.

    Men’s Rights Activists advocate that men NOT sell their souls, and to stand up for the issues that affect men and boys. Issues such as,

    The blatant bias against men and their children in the Family Law System.

    The domestic violence industry which systematically ignores male victims and female perpetrators by incorrectly labeling DV a “gendered” issue against all the facts and stats that prove otherwise.

    The massive problem of suicide among men, largely caused by the above two points.

    The rights of baby boys to be legally free from Male Genital Mutilation (MGM or circumcision).

    It is an old feminist trick to conflate PUA’s with MRA’s in order to paint MRA’s in a poor light.

    Just as they conflate feminism with women to try to paint any critisism of the bigotted ideology of feminism, as an attack on women.


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