Bunch Of Angry Skinny Guys Ride Bikes Around France

tour de france

Residents of rural France have reported that a bunch of angry skinny guys have started riding their bikes around the region.

“I don’t know who they are but they could do with a good feed and they seemed really pissed off with the world,” said Claude Dumas as he tended to his onion plants outside his tavern ‘The Gallic Cliche’. “It happens every year at about this time. A whole squadron of grumpy blokes with no fat on them went riding past.”

“I reckon if they sat down to a juicy steak and bowl of ice cream they wouldn’t be so touchy and aggro,” said farmer’s daughter Claudine Hugo as she pegged out a selection of stripy blue fisherman’s jerseys on the clothes line. “Lighten up dudes. A man who owns such a nice pushbike should be happier and more content with his life.”

Crowds of bored French people have flocked to the roadside to urge the cyclists to start fighting each other.

The bunch of narky, underfed cyclists are expected to ride around France for a couple more weeks before disappearing from everyone’s conscious until this time next year.

Peter Green

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