Sonia Kruger To Head Up NT Royal Commission Into Juvenile Detention


Attorney General George Brandis has announced that Channel 9 celebrity Sonia Kruger will head up the Northern Territory’s Royal Commission into juvenile detention, following news over the weekend that Brian Ross Martin will be stepping down as Commissioner.

Speaking to The (un)Australian about Ms Kruger’s appointment Senator Brandis said: “Let’s face it when Sonia Kruger talks people listen and react, so what better person to head up this important Royal Commission.”

When asked for comment on her qualifications to head up a Royal Commission Ms Kruger said: “I mean it is quite obvious that as a Mother I am more than qualified to head up a Royal Commission, or comment on Islamic immigration or give an opinion on LGBTQ affairs. Did I mention I’m a Mother?”

Ms Kruger will commence work on the Royal Commission next week with Channel 9 expected to televise proceedings, in a coup for the network after losing out on the right’s to the Royal Commission into Union Corruption.

Mark Williamson

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2 replies

  1. will she be doing it naked?


  2. Your joking aren’t you? What qualifications has she got. None!


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