Mike Baird’s Vertebra Demolished To Make Way For WestConnex


The builders of Sydney’s WestConnex motorway have compulsorily acquired and demolished part of the backbone of Premier Mike Baird to construct an off ramp for the $16.8 billion project.

“The Premier’s spine has no heritage value and under the current compulsory acquisition laws we were able to offer him a couple of pig knuckles from the butcher as compensation,” said Barnsby Snudge, lawyer for the consortium constructing the vital link in Sydney’s road network. “He’s quite welcome to relocate his vertebra to some other part of his body that isn’t in our way, such as just below his coccyx.”

“It was quite a shock to get a letter saying that the government is entitled to knock down a backbone that I was intending to use to support my torso for the rest of my life,” said a chagrined Mr Baird. “Still, if that’s what’s needed to ensure that people from the western suburbs don’t have to get up ten minutes earlier to get themselves to work on time then so be it.”

Mike Baird isn’t the first NSW Premier to have a body part removed to facilitate the construction of a major public works project. In 1986 Neville Wran’s larynx was compulsorily acquired to make way for the Sydney Monorail.

Peter Green

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  1. There has been another big factor missed in all this greyhound decision making. The losses in PAYG taxes and income related taxes due to the loss of thousands of jobs coupled with the fact due to false advertising campaigns limiting job prospects for those in the greyhound industry forcing them on to welfare next July this will cost the Federal Government al least $50 -$80 Million dollars a year


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