Abbott Worried The Government Is Losing Touch As No Princes Knighted

abbott bishop

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has taken a break from his self-imposed ban on sniping and undermining the Government, to snipe and undermine the Government declaring that the Turnbull Government risked ‘losing touch with the people.’

Speaking to The (un)Australian Mr Abbott expanded on his comments, saying: “Ah, look you know me I’m a team player and I only say these things to get my Government, I mean the Government back on track.”

“What Malcolm needs to do is stop pandering to the lefty lynch mobs and inner city chardonnay socialists and get back to the core liberal voter. Knight a few Princes, eat a couple of onions and backtrack on a couple of promises. That is what the people want.”

When reached for comment Prime Minister Turnbull said of Mr Abbott: “There is only one Tony Abbott, thankfully and I thank him for his thoughts. Now if you’ll excuse me I have an appointment with a wind farm, Alan Jones is expecting me.”

Mark Williamson

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  1. An Australian Monarch oust Abbott after he commissioned Air Strikes on Syria in September 2015. Two weeks later Turnbull became 29th Prime Minister. Time for Abbott and his ego to resign from Public Life.


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