Coopers And One Nation Launch “Keeping It White” Campaign

Following the unheralded success of their “Keeping it Light” campaign with The Bible Society, Coopers Brewery have looked to maintain their momentum with their new collaboration with political party, One Nation; “Keeping it White”.

In a media release on their website, Coopers stated: “We’re launching a special pale ale called Coopers White, in support of a European Australia. As a proud, Australian, family-owned business, we’re proud to promote a White Australia.”

A video was also released to kick off the campaign. Pauline Hanson and Cory Bernardi sit around a table, enjoying a Coopers White, and talking about “the good old days” and toast to “Keeping it White”.

It’s believed that in addition to charitable donations to The Bible Society and the Liberal Party, Coopers is planning to allocate some of the profits of Coopers White to Reclaim Australia.

The donation is expected to be well received, with Reclaim Australia expected to use the money to help fund Southern Cross neck tattoos for all registered members.

All Coopers White cartons will also come with a commemorative white table cloth, which customers can use to help support the campaign.

G K Kidd 

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  1. I’ve been a coopers drinker for 50 years. If they support one nation and benardi then I’ve had my last and will encourage others to follow me.


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