Roberts Accuses NASA Of Travelling Back In Time To Make Him British

Senator (for now) Malcolm Roberts has blamed his citizenship woes on US space agency NASA and the Twitterati. Claiming NASA somehow traveled back in time to make him a British citizen.

The One Nation Senator agreed to talk to The (un)Australian on the condition our reporter donned an aluminium hat.

The Senator claimed: “It’s obvious that NASA in conjunction with the Twitterati went back in time and forged some documents to make me a British citizen. I suspect this was done after my appearance on that ABC show Q&A, you know when I outed them about faking climate change data.”

When asked where he came up with this theory the Senator responded: “Well I was watching this informative documentary about this young lady called Sarah Connor who was almost killed by a Terminator who was sent back in time to stop her child from leading the resistance against Sky net.”

“I thought if it can happen to this poor woman then obviously they would come for me. I mean how can I be British, I was born in India and live in Queensland. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Greens leader Richard Di Natale when told of Senator Roberts’ theory said: “To Senator Roberts I ask R U Ok? Being a politician is a stressful job and it’s ok to reach out for help.”

Senator Roberts will fight to stay in parliament and is keen to discuss with the Prime Minister about covering Parliament house in aluminium foil in order to stop NASA and Major League Baseball’s interference in Australian politics.

Mark Williamson 

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  1. For shame senator. Blaming a foreign agency for your woes. Don’t you know we have ASRI? It’s a completely shit space agency, but it’s our space agency.


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