One Nation Demands The ABC Put More Fruit Into Pyjamas

One Nation has agreed to help the Turnbull Government pass it’s Media law amendments on the proviso that the ABC’s charter be changed to ensure more fruits than just bananas be put in pyjamas.

“For too long the ABC has shown favouritism towards the banana at the expense of other fruits,” claimed One Nation Senator (High court decision pending) Malcolm Roberts. “I mean why don’t they put other fruits in pyjamas like pears or apples. I love a good apple, I eat them daily as they keep the Doctor away you know.”

When asked what other changes he’d like made to the ABC Senator Roberts replied: “Where do I begin, 4 Corners should be cut back to 2 corners both of which should be right angled. I’d like to see the Play School crew devote more arts and crafts time to making tin foil hats. What else was there, hang on let me call Mr Murdoch so he can read to me his list.”

When reached for comment Prime Minister Turnbull said: “The One Nation chaps are a great bunch of people to deal with, unlike that Bill Shorten fellow. You know Bill Shorten has refused to say whether or not he has ever stood on a grassy knoll in Dallas Texas, why not?”

Mark Williamson

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  1. Or for a more professional look

    this book cover pic was taken from Malcolm Roberts personal book collection


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