Liberal Party Blame Flinstones For Encouraging “Gay Old Time”

As politicians and pundits take to social media in reaction to the planned postal plebescite, the Liberal Nationals Party has released a scathing condemnation of a beloved childhood TV program.

“The Flintstones”, Kevin Andrews stated, “has been eroding family values by encouraging Australian children to have ‘a gay old time’. This corruption of our youth must stop.”

The LNP have lobbied to have all re-runs of the cartoon or movies banned from Australian airwaves, in order to stop young Australians from thinking that being gay is ok.

Former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, furthered the party stance adding, “it um… it um… also encourages… er… unholy friendships. Um… here are two couples, obviously swingers… um… engaging in relations not becoming of Australian households”.

It’s not the first time such a criticism has been levelled by the Liberal Party, having tried to remove episodes of Two Broke Girls from TV, with Turnbull claiming “they should have just bought a house.”

G K Kidd 

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