NRL Referee Fined $10,000 For Post Match Spray Criticising Every Mistake Made By Players

A rugby league referee has copped the maximum $10,000 fine after an angry outburst bagging every error made by the players during a semi finals match he officiated last weekend.

“I’m doing my best out there trying to ensure every player gets a fair go and they reward me with butterfingered knock ons, softcock attempted tackles and play the balls that a drunken crab could have done more elegantly,” said fuming whistleblower Greg Brylcreem as he faced the press following last Sunday’s sudden death playoff between Glebe-Annandale and the Newtown Bluebags. “Here’s a list of dimbulb wankers who turned the play back infield when they had three guys unmarked on the outside and thickhead halfbacks who couldn’t find grass in Nimbin with their kicking game.”

“Greg crossed the line with his comments which were unfair and hurtful to the players who are simply trying to do their best out there and don’t have the benefit of having two touchies and a bunker full of high resolution camera equipment to help them play the game,” said NRL boss Kerryn Longenough. “Sure, Newtown winger Manfred Garbo was so offside that he was actually behind the dead ball line having a chat with one of his mates in the crowd when that ball was kicked through for what should have been the winning try, but there was no need for Greg to call him a hopeless no good bum who couldn’t get a game with the Cootamundra reserves during harvest time.”

This is the second major fine Brylcreem, following on from an incident where he threatened to run over North Sydney Bears captain Frank Figtree with a cement truck after Figtree dropped the pill with line wide open during the 1999 grand final.

Peter Green

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