“You Can’t Be Defamed By Show That No-one Watches” Says Latham

Mark Latham is confident of winning any defamation actions taken against his self produced chat show “The Outsiders” by citing that the show has no actual viewers.

“I “film” the show every week in a colorbond shed in the backyard with cameras made out of wood,” said Mr Latham as he cut a new audience member out of a large piece of cardboard. “I have been effectively silenced by the mainstream media, which they achieved by building a wall of thick mattresses around my property.”

Acquaintances of Latham have reported that he has fallen into a deep blue funk in recent months after hearing of the death of Jerry Lewis, who he was hoping to kidnap and tie to a chair as a guest for his first episode.

“If Mark Latham opens his mouth in a forest and no-one is there to hear him, has he defamed anyone?,” said Latham’s defamation lawyer Les Diamond. “We will also contend it is unfair to make Mr Latham stand up in court after having to walk all the way there from home, because no taxi driver will pick him up.”

The (un)Australian reports that it is aware of the irony of posting a story about a show with no viewers from a satirical website with no readers, if that saves anyone any time.

Peter Green

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  1. Brilliant. The equal tragedy is such can be said about much our leadership. All whistling against the wind of their own making in sheds the taxpayer has built.

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