Smug Office Worker Who Refers To The Footy As ‘Sportsball’ Surprised To Learn That They Weren’t Asked To After Work Drinks


Twenty eight year old Sydney based accounts assistant Jeff Jones has spent his week at work bemoaning to one and all how he has no interest in either of the weekends games of ‘sportsball’ as he calls it.

Mr Jones was also shocked to learn on Friday that his colleagues had planned after works drinks for that evening and neglected to invite him.

“It must be an over sight as people at work love my witty banter,” said Mr Jones. “I mean all week I’ve been talking about ‘sportsball’ and you should see the reaction I’ve gotten. The eye rolls, the walkaways, heck Bill from accounts told me I should go to an open mic night.”

A colleague of Mr Jones’ spoke to The (un)Australian off the record about Mr Jones’ missing invite to Friday night drinks, saying: “Look we get he’s not into footy that’s cool everyone has different passions. But he continually rabbits, on and on about it.”

“We work in a pretty mundane office and a bit of a chat about sport breaks up the day. I don’t think Jeff realises this. Can’t he just fake an interest in footy like we do when he starts rabbiting on about that one time he went to Thailand.”

Mark Williamson

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