Arguing Pub Couple Announce Greyhound Bus Tour Dates


That couple from the pub who are constantly arguing are taking their show on the road for a series of dates on popular Greyhound bus routes, their manager has announced.

“We wanted to reward regional fans of Jase and Cheryl from the front bar of the Commercial Hotel by giving them a chance to overhear their non-stop shitfight without having to travel all the way to the city,” said Brad Barney from Screeching Bogan Touring. “The tour starts on the August the 6th overnight Adelaide to Melbourne service, with other dates confirmed for the Mackay To Rockhampton run and finishing off with a special 36 hour Perth to Port Augusta trans Nullarbor gig.”

“Punters can expect all the favourites like “You’re a cheating effing bastard” and “Well eff off then I don’t effing need you” plus a couple of tracks off our latest blue “What are you looking at Dickhead?”,” said Jase as he necked his first long neck of the day at 9am. “There won’t be a dry eye in the house when we finish on the sentimental hit “I effing love you darling don’t go” at the end of the second encore, just before the driver turfs us out at some roadhouse at midnight.”

Fans lined up overnight at Greyhound ticket offices with sleeping bags to make sure they got good seats as close as possible to the raucous, boozy, slightly threatening pair.

“I haven’t been able to sleep with excitement since I heard they were touring and I’ve already got my tickets for the Dubbo to Sydney ride,” said mega fan Toby Jugge from Peak Hill, proudly displaying his tattoo of Cheryl throwing a beer over Jase. “I’m really hoping my chance of getting a good sleep on the bus is wrecked by their hideous high pitched insults and beery breath fumes pervading the air of my personal space from the seat behind me.”

Peter Green

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