Morrison Regrets Listening To Cormann Over The Numbers For The Medevac Bill


Interim Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told colleagues of his frustrations with Senate leader Matthias Cormann after the Senator assured the PM that he was confident the Coalition had the numbers to defeat the Medevac bill in the house of representatives.

“Scott was not at all happy with Matthias over the Medevac debacle,” said a Coalition Insider. “All day Matthias assured Scott that we had the numbers, he’d checked them twice before he went out for a long lunch with Peter Dutton.”

“You’d think we would’ve learnt by now not to listen to Matthias when it comes to numbers.”

When asked what effect the Medevac bill would have on the Government the Insider said: “Not much really just we’ll say Bill Shorten a lot more in interviews and maybe Scotty will get a new boats trophy.”

“As for Matthias well he may go away for a bit but I’m sure he’ll be back.”

Mark Williamson

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  1. for heavens sake someone give him an abacus it may stop him playing pocket billards


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