Trick Or Treaters Warned That Wearing Orange Face Is Culturally Insensitive

In the lead up to Halloween Author of the Blog ‘The Left Is Not Right’ has warned prospective trick or treaters that wearing orange face as part of a costume is culturally insensitive.

“Orange face is a no go, it is so offensive to those whose skin colour is naturally orange, like Hulk Hogan or President Trump,” Said the Blogger. “I know children today admire their President and wish to look just like him. But that can be done without donning orange face.”

“In fact all you need to look like President Trump is to buy a cheap wig and a suit that’s not made in America. Bonus points if you go trick or treating with a Russian translator.”

When reached for comment a White house spokesperson said of the orange face scandal: “President Trump encourages all Children to dress as their heroes and if that happens to be him then he is flattered.”

“He also encourages them to visit the Trump Tower gift shop and purchase an official President Trump Halloween costume. It’s made of the best quality materials and designed by his daughter Ivanka.”

Mark Williamson

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