Gladys Berejiklian: 10 Iconic Buildings I’d Like To Turn Into A Pokies Den

My Government has achieved a lot for the developers…..err, the people of NSW yet we still have so much more to accomplish.

Walking around the glorious city of Sydney the other day as I awaited for the results of my Covid test, I thought how could we make the place more lucrative. Sure, we could build more units and collect more stamp duty but that’s an occasional revenue stream.

Then it hit me as I sat looking over the Opera house. This State just doesn’t have enough pokies machines.

Imagine sitting in the Opera House as you wait for your show and slipping a few pineapples into the machines to kill a bit of time.

The Family Law Court, wouldn’t it be great if you could slap that new child support lucre into the Queen of the Nile? It would even give some of the children a place to hang before they say goodbye to one of their caregivers

Or better yet how good would your daily commute be with pokies. Some people in NSW have to travel a couple of hours a day just to get to work. Under my Government I will ensure that all trains, ferries and buses are fitted with pokies machines.

As well I will make it mandatory for all companies to pay their workers in cash.

Together we can make the State of NSW great again by making sure the pokies machines keep running.

The title of this article was 10 iconic buildings I’d like to turn into pokies dens, but if I’m honest I’d love to turn the whole State into one big giant Pokies den.

Let’s get it done NSW.

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