Tenants Asked To Consider Giving Their Landlords A BJ This Christmas

Real estate agents around Australia are ”encouraging” their tenants to think about giving their landlords a BJ this Christmas as a way to say thank you for providing them with an expensive place to live.

”It’s been a tough year for landlords this year what with some of them having to evict long term tenants and find new ones,” said Eastern suburbs realtor Irwin R Schyster. ”Not to mention, do you know how hard it is to fill in the negative gearing paperwork?”

”You’d think it would be easier when doing it for your 4th or 5th home, but not so.”

When asked if he seriously believes that tenants should fellate their landlords, Mr Schyster said: ”Of course I do.”

”For too long the poor landlord has been victimised, well that should end now.”

”Besides we’re not asking too much of the tenants, it’s not like we expect them to swallow.”

”Though it would be nice if they did.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a viewing for a sewer drain in Ashfield in an hour. It’s a real steal at $900 per week.”

Mark Williamson


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