Sky News Demands Australia’s Voting Age Be Raised To 65

Low rating news channel Sky News Australia has called upon the Government to raise the voting age to 65 to ensure a robust democracy.

”Let’s face it those over 65 are our most valuable citizens,” said Sky News hate merchant Andrew Bolt. ”And I don’t mean just because they own all the property.”

”It’s appalling that their vote can be cancelled out by a 20 year old idealist who wants action on climate change and affordable housing.”

When asked if the network was serious with it’s proposal to wipe out the voting rights of those under 65, Mr Bolt said: ”Yes, not like anyone under the age of 65 watches our channel, so stuff them.”

”Young people today need to learn to respect their elders.”

”I mean the kerfuffle they raise over simple issues like houses being unaffordable, rents rising, catastrophic changes of climate, what a pack of whiners.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to picket the PM’s office in the name of protecting franking credits, good day to you.”

Mark Williamson


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