Arrival Of Winter Catches Australia By Surprise For 227th Year In A Row


The annual coming of the cold season known as “winter” has once again caught Australia’s population completely off guard, causing mass confusion over whether to rug up or dress in layers.

“But we’re sun loving Aussies who revel in a beach culture peppered with endless backyard barbies, it’s not supposed to get cold here”, moaned Connell’s Point stockbroker Norman Struth. “This has forced me to go digging around in the back of the garage and drag out that dusty radiator that I stashed there at the end of last September, thinking I’d never need it again.”

“I thought only England and that place where Santa Claus lives ever had a winter”, said West Pymble accountant Rosemary Sprig. “I’m currently undergoing great anguish over whether or not its worth the trouble of putting the flannelette sheets on the bed, because being Australia I’m assuming the next heatwave is just around the corner.”

The only person not stressed about how to dress for the cold is that ice addict looking guy on the train with the thousand-yard stare, who is getting around in his usual uniform of blue jeans and no shirt.

Peter Green

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