Doctors Ruin Sentimental Story By Declaring Injured Teen ‘Will Probably Walk Again’


Doctors have botched a potentially lucrative feel good story after declaring that a teen injured in a car crash “will probably be able to walk again”.

Injured in a horrific car crash on Thursday Night, Jordan Norwood, 17, is currently recovering in intensive care at Royal North Shore Hospital. Despite the fact that he is yet to regain full feeling below his waist, surgeons at Royal North Shore did not follow normal procedure by declaring that the teen “may never walk again”. Their careless mistake robs the teen of any chance of a feel good media story when he begins to walk at a later stage.

Dr Jonathan Murphy, one of the surgeons involved in the blunder was apologetic. “We just erred too far on the side of optimism. Obviously in cases like his there is always a good chance of full recovery, but we didn’t think of the long term consequences for the boy if we didn’t say he ‘might never walk again’”.

Susan Jones, an independent media expert has dismissed any hopes of prime time media coverage of the boy as he recovers. “You just can’t get any media interest when he starts walking unless the doctors gave him no hope initially.”, she said. “Today Tonight, A Current Affair, Australian Story; they just won’t touch it. It’s just such a terrible tragedy, he’ll be lucky getting a spot on page 7 of his local paper”.

Alex White

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