Racing Executive Implores “Extremists” Try And See It My Way

The chief executive of the Australian Racing Board has hit out at what he has labelled “close minded extremists” over their refusal to listen to the points his organisation has made and completely change their mind, following last week’s Melbourne Cup.
Peter McGauran  has accused animal rights organisation of exploiting the deaths of Admire Ratki and Araldo at Australia’s biggest race, while praising horse racing in Australia for exploiting their lives.
“The simple fact of the matter is there are six animal rights organisations in Australia and not one, not one, has heard us out and then completely changed their position on the matter” a straight faced  Mr McGauran told the (un)Australian. “It’s just stubbornness.”

Horse racing in Australia has been under criticism since earlier in the year, after Racing Victoria chief executive Bernard Saundry described the number of racing related deaths as “negligible”.
“The number of racing related deaths is negligible” Mr Saundry said.
Mr McGauran finished his press conference by pleading for the end of stubborn minds refusing to listen. “It is impossible to persuade them of another point of view, regardless of the facts of the matter.” The facts of the matter in this case being, millions of Australians watched the Melbourne Cup and two horses died as a direct result.

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