Sharri Markson Denies Being Evicted From Cinema

The Australian’s Media Editor Sharri Markson has hit back at claims that she was evicted from Hoyts Cinema Northlands after repeatedly ignoring requests from cinema staff to cease talking during the movie. On Thursday The Age reported that security had been called to escort Ms Markson from complex but Markson has rejected this version of the story in her column for The Australian.

According to Markson security was never called, a member of Hoyts staff approached her “in the rudest possible way” instructed her to be silent. The (un)Australian understands that the staff member has since resigned after being suspended pending an investigation into his handling of the incident.

Speaking exclusively to The (un) Australian, Markson’s colleague and friend Miranda Devine slammed Hoyts for their handling of the affair. “This is just another example of the relentless harassment women like Sharri and I constantly receive from the extreme left in the arts community.”

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