ASIO Raids Home Of Shepherd In Embarrassing Mix Up

Anti terrorism stock footage

The Australian Federal Police and ASIO have been forced to apologise to a farmer in regional Victoria after he was the mistaken target of a terror raid earlier this week.  The raid was authorised after ASIO intercepted metadata containing discussions of what appeared to be a potential murder which after full decryption were revealed to have in fact referred to a “sheep herder.”

Sheep farmer Bob Johnson said “I usually do it on my own, but needed some help this time, I rang a few friends and all of a sudden the swat team are at my door.”

ASIO have refused thus far refused to comment on the incident. Mr Johnson went on to say “I don’t have any links to terror organisations, I do have a cat named Isis, but she’s fifteen years old and blind”

A spokesman for the Australian Federal Police described the incident as “regrettable”. Helen Piper from Civil Liberties Australia has condemned the incident telling the The (un) Australian “It’s an absolute disgrace, what happens if I tell friends about my terrier’s cyst? Will they raid my home too?”


Thomas Orr



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