Scientists Rush To Cure Ebola As Geldof Threatens New Band Aid Single

band aid

The World Health Organisation has urged much greater international support for the struggle to find a cure for Ebola after news the crisis had spread to Bob Geldof planning to re-release Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas”.

In what has been described as “the world’s biggest wake-up call yet” over the Ebola outbreak in west Africa, Geldof has announced plans to gather musical acts such as Bono, One Direction and Chris Martin to release the fourth version of the Band Aid charity single.

“We simply don’t have long,” World Health Organisation spokesperson Eleanor Rhodes said. “With Christmas just over a month away, the window of opportunity to stop this single spreading throughout the world is rapidly closing.”

Rhodes emphasised scientists were working overtime, insisting: “The world has survived three versions of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ so far, but the fourth will feature Bono and Chris Martin on the same release.

“We simply cannot predict the dire consequences of such a combination of smug self-righteousness.”

Carlo Sands

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