Palmer Incensed By Obama Snub

Palmer Gore

Palmer United Party leader Clive Palmer was reportedly angered by US President Barack Obama’s failure to meet with the member for Fairfax during his stay in Brisbane. Mr Palmer, who shared the podium with former Vice President Al Gore in June to announce his parties support for an Emissions Trading Scheme had hoped to sit down with President Obama to discuss a wide range of topics including climate change and the upcoming Victorian election.

Mr Palmer said believed that he and President Obama were “very similar men” with numerous “mutual aspirations” and was disappointed that the President was not prepared to collaborate with Palmer United Party to achieve their overlapping goals.

“Well as I understand it the President tells people that he’s a supporter of action on climate change, on helping low income families and universal health care. Well these are things that only the Palmer United Party  care about and if the president is serious about these issues then he’d be with me, launching our campaign in Victoria, rather than with Tony Abbott tormenting koalas in Brisbane.”

Mr Palmer told the (un)Australian that he expects his Palmer United Party to win between “seventy and seventy five” seats at the upcoming Victorian election. The Victorian Legislative Assembly has eighty eight seats.

Nathan Lentern

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