ABC’s Quentin Dempster Found Abandoned In A drain


ABC’s 7:30 NSW host, Quentin Dempster is recovering today after being found dumped in a drain in Western Sydney. The ABC presenter was in good spirits though a little shaken up, after a group of cyclists rescued him after hearing his voice coming out of the drain.

The first person to hear the noise was full-time accountant and part-time bike rider Peter Clear who told The (un) Australian, “we were riding along in a peloton formation, when we passed a drain and heard a voice talking about the historical significance of a statue in a park on the fringes of Lithgow, it didn’t sound right so we stopped looked down the drain and saw Quentin.”

It is unclear how long Mr Dempster had been down the drain.

In good news for Mr Dempster and the ABC, the three cyclists and four paramedics involved in the rescue constituted the biggest audience* Mr Dempster had performed to in years.

*Source Austam official TV and radio ratings

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