Sharri Markson Attends ‘Save Our ABC’ Rally Undercover, Exposes Pro-ABC Bias

sharri markson

The Australian’s Media Editor Sharri Markson has disguised herself as a concerned citizen so she could attend the ‘Save Our ABC’ rally undercover.

In her article for The Australian, published on Monday, the routinely mocked journalist revealed an undercurrent of an anti-News Corp hostility among the protestors, while vocally displaying support for the tax-funded public broadcasters the ABC and SBS.

Markson said other targets at the rally included Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Showing their complete lack of impartiality, no ALP politician was criticised over the government’s cuts to the ABC. In fact, Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek was given a platform to address the protesters.

Markson, who was famously never kicked out of the Emirates marquee during the Melbourne Cup, tweeted a picture of the outfit she wore to disguise herself at the rally. Wearing a summer dress with a floral design, and a sticker with the words “Save our ABC”, Ms Markson was able to blend in with the 3000 strong crowd, with no one at the rally being able to identify the media editor for Australia’s 8th most popular news paper.

Markson has been one of the most vocal and one of the cleverest critics of the national broadcaster. In a series of scathing indictments, Markson wittily refers to the ABC as “their ABC”, a clever turn of phrase on the “your ABC” campaign. Ms Markson argues that the ABC is a collective of latte sipping Sydney elitists and programs shows like Media Watch, The Chaser, and Landline, in an effort to push their city dwelling leftist agenda.

The former Cleo editor believes that people who don’t subscribe to the ABC’s agenda struggle to have their voices represented by the ABC. In fact for someone like Markson to hear someone represent opinions like hers on the ABC, she’d have to wait until the next time she was a guest on Q & A or The Drum.

Later Monday evening, Friday Live and Viewpoint host Chris Kenny also used the inventive “their ABC” quip while criticising the ABC for giving employees meal allowances. Surely a parallel thought among two equal intellects.

Matthew Farthing

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