World Of Warcraft Player Inexplicably Avoids Ridicule


World of Warcraft recently turned ten years old and released an expansion pack entitled ‘Warlords of Draenor’, successfully creating enough content to keep addicts main lined.

Local enthusiast Eric Orc (name changed by deed poll) took two weeks leave from work after the expansion was released. On his first day back he was surprised by the lack of ridicule he endured after inadvertently revealing that he had spent his entire holiday online in the new expansion.

“I was at a meeting and we were engaged in some small talk before hand, someone asked me what I did on my two weeks off. I was still a bit sleep deprived after my expansion pack binge so forgot to conceal that I had spent the entire fortnight in Azeroth.”

The reaction was most unexpected.

“Oh that’s cool, my last holiday I worked on my house expansion,” explained one co-worker.

Another added, “I save my leave so that I can take Mitzy to dog shows.”

“I spend my holidays in my garden shed avoiding my wife,” said a third, all three demonstrating acceptable ways for adults to pass their time.

The (un)Australian has learned that all three co-workers, usually keen to ridicule adults wasting time on childish and/or nerdy games, actually misheard Eric.

“Oh I thought he said World of Doorcraft … I thought he was renovating his house,” said one of Eric’s colleagues, “When is that loser going to stop enjoying the things he enjoys and hate his life like the rest of us?”

Ryan Crawford

Twitter: @RyanTheCrawford


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