Gina Rinehart Named Inheritance Monthly’s Inheritor Of The Decade

Gina Rinehart

Inheritance Monthly the world’s leading  magazine, printed on gold leaf paper for billionaire heirs to family fortunes last night announced Australia’s Gina Rinehart as its inheritor of the decade.

The magazine cited her ability to take her inheritance and still lecture fellow Australians on how they should be willing to work for a lower wage like African workers, as well as fighting her own children in a court of law over their inheritance as the main reasons for bestowing the award on Rinehart.

The announcement of the award was received positively on social media, admittedly only by Miranda Devine.

When reached for comment Gina Rinehart said, “The award is rightfully mine, just like all the coal in the ground is mine and the rest of the world is mine.”

It has been a productive decade for Rinehart as she diversified her inheritance from mining to invest in media, in the process losing considerable sums of money through investments in both  Fairfax and Network Ten. A silver cloud of sorts for Rinehart’s time with Ten has been the creation of the smash hit satirical bulletin The Bolt Report.

Mark Williamson


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