People With Piss Easy Jobs Concerned Government Wasting Their Not So Hard-Earned Tax Dollars

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Dozens of not so hard-working Australians have voiced their concerns about how various government departments have been spending the tax money that they raised barely a sweat earning.

“I work all day long operating a stop and go sign at some roadworks, so basically I’m getting paid to flick my wrist slightly and give surly nods to waiting motorists”, said Brian Matthews of Greystanes. “I’d hate to think that my easily acquired tax moolah was being used to fund something dopey like lesbian theatre groups.”

“My job consists of putting on a suit and tie every day, taking a few photos and hanging around looking smug at house auctions”, said real estate agent Cecil Tyson. “I’d be horrified if I found out that the fruits of my paltry efforts were being used to fund someone who sits at home all day caring for a sick relative. Those people should be able to get out there and find some absolute doddle of a job for themselves.”

“The government should think long and hard about what it does with the tax revenue it collects”, said Briony Van Halen, president of the lobby group Bludging Citizens For Cutting Essential Services. “I’d hate to think the money I earn by turning up to work late, doing the least amount of effort possible and knocking off early on a Friday afternoon to go to the pub is not being dished out responsibly.”

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