LibSpill: Vote For Bishop ‘ Will Offset Lack Of Women Everywhere’


Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has remerged this week as a serious challenge to the Prime Minister after secret polling suggested she could single-handedly solve the Liberal Party’s ‘woman problem’.

Liberal backbenchers have told the (Un)Australian Ms Bishop now had the numbers for a serious challenge after polls revealed backing her for PM would offset the lack of women in all senior roles in Australian public life.

With the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showing 96.5 per cent of CEO’s in the Top 200 ASX companies are men, the MP’s believe a vote for Ms Bishop would radically alter the gender landscape and are urging her to step forward and act “on behalf of all women everywhere”.

It is rumoured the Deputy Leader is considering a challenge in the light of the new polling, but only on behalf of herself. She is also said to be unsure about the mandatory 18 per cent pay cut necessary in order to represent other women.

Speaking earlier in the year with the (Un)Australian, Ms Bishop told of her determination to succeed at all costs, and how she was undeterred in her ambition by what happened to Australia’s first female leader.

“This country badly needs another woman who breaks through the glass ceiling before being inevitably dragged back through the jagged shards she left behind by her male colleagues”, she said.

Anita Rightmore

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