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Last week The (un) Australian published an article which asserted certain facts about The Australian Greens party. At the time we took the decision to publish, we were of the view that the name of the website, the description of the website contained in the “About” section and the tone of the article was such that a  reasonable person would infer that the article was satirical.

Regrettably a large readership took the article at face value and initiated an online campaign against The Greens just days out from the NSW state election.

As a result of this campaign, legal proceedings have been initiated against The (un) Australian alleging deliberate misinformation published by us had an adverse affect on results of the state election.

We fundamentally reject this allegation and fully intend to contest the aforementioned proceedings. Nevertheless while such proceedings are pending we feel it is no longer appropriate for us to continue publishing.

Furthermore for several  of our contributors, The (un) Australian was coming to absorb greater and greater portions of their ever shrinking discretionary time to the point where questions about our future had already been raised several weeks ago. In light of recent developments we have reached the conclusion that the time has come to put The (un) Australian on an indefinite hiatus.

We’d like to thank all our readers for their support, but this brief period of independent, incorruptible and indispensable journalism has come to an end.

We hope you’ll think fondly of us while you attempt to get through the rest of your now seemingly- (or indeed, actually-) empty lives.

And now, as is officially recorded in the classics for occasions such as these, it really is time to zip.

The (un) Australian team

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