Shane Warne To Front New Anti-Drinking Campaign

Warne Beer 2

Former cricketer and tinder fanatic Shane ‘Swipe Right’ Warne has today been announced as an ambassador for a new government campaign to curb under age drinking. The campaign will feature Warne walking around schools asking students if they’re “thirsty?” Those who answer “yes” will be forced to spend the day with the former champion spinner as he indulges in his passions of poker, social media and being a tool.

The new program was successfully trialed on the youthful Australian cricket team after they triumphed over New Zealand at the World Cup, with Warne asking everyone in sight who was wearing yellow if they were thirsty. Seeing Warne in full flight, most cricketers chose to drink responsibly while Warne was left to spend the night partying with the only people dressed in yellow to take up his offer, Jacqui Lambie and Big Bird.

The (un)Australian spoke to an excited Shane Warne over his new appointment, with the star taking a break from instagram to tell us of his excitement, saying: “Are you thirsty? Mate let’s grab a couple of crownies and tear one on, I know a grouse strip club, come on mate you gotta be thirsty.”

The new campaign will be launched later this week, so parents if you see Shane Warne at your kids school, don’t be alarmed it’s in the kids best interests.

Mark Williamson

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