British Royal Family Sues Mr Whippy Over Unauthorised Use Of “Greensleeves”


Ice cream distributor Mr Whippy has been sued for 10 million pounds by Prince Charles for copyright infringement due to the company’s use of the song “Greensleeves”, originally written by King Henry the Eighth.

“Charles is doing this because he believes that as figureheads of a nation the royal family should stand up for protecting the rights of all British composers”, said Hamish Weep, spokesman for solicitors by appointment Opin, Readit and Weep. “This is not a cynical grab for cash that is in any way related to the high cost of polo mallets and crown polish.”

“This is going to ruin us”, said Bob Whippy, great grandson of Giuseppe Whippy, founder of the Mr Whippy company. “We’ve been playing “Greensleeves” from our vans for the past seventy five years and apparently owe the Royal family 5 pence for every performance. If they need money can’t they just sell one of their sodding castles or something?”

“Greensleeves” was written by Henry the Eighth in 1532 and was originally performed by a band of wandering minstrels who strolled along behind a cart from which the monarch sold giant oversized turkey legs to the general public.

Peter Green
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