Government Ministers Retweet Hashtag in Last Ditch Attempt To Spare Bali 9  

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On what could be the eve of the Bali 9 executions, the federal government has responded to accusations of not doing enough to stay the Bali 9 executions.

In her seventy third interview since returning to Australia on Monday, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, responded to critics by saying “The Government has exhausted all practical means of saving the Bali 9. We’ve worn some ribbons, I bought a candle and we wrote a strongly worded email.

“Earlier today our ministers even began retweeting hashtags in support of Mr Chan and Mr Sukumaran which frankly could even be interpreted as a breach of diplomatic protocol.”

Bishop, who was returning to Australia from Brussels, spoke to Retno Marsudi her Indonesian counterpart on Sunday and stressed the need for all legal processes to be determined before any action is taken. When questioned why Mrs Bishop was in Brussels and not in Bali, she responded with “because it’s in Europe” the foreign minister then used a power point demonstration to show some of the countries that she visited whilst overseas, including the European power houses of Liechtenstein, San Marino, Monaco and Tajikistan. “I didn’t even know Liechtenstein was country! Did you?” Said the Foreign Minister.

The criticism has stemmed from a video called I Stand For Mercy, featuring Australian  celebrities  people calling on the Prime Minister to “man up” and #saveourboys. Actor Brendan Cowell raised eyebrows in the video after urging Mr Abbott to show “some balls”.

Prime Minister Abbott responded by saying “I forwarded that #saveourboys hash-tag to all my tweeter followers, some of them even favourited it, I even tried reverse psychology by reminding them of all the money we donated after the Bali Tsunami, that didn’t work either, my next move is to give President Joko Widodo a Chinese burn followed by a Tittie twister, if that doesn’t work then I suppose we must grieve for the loss.”


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