Samantha Armytage To Be New Face of Intergenerational Report


Network Seven presenter Samantha Armytage has been recruited to front a new advertising campaign for the federal government’s Intergenerational Report. Armytage replaces Dr Karl Kruszelnicki as the face of the campaign following Kruszelnicki’s decision to actually read the report.

In a short press release, the government identified Armytage as someone in a more natural alignment with the sentiments expressed in the report.

Armytage made headlines recently after using the phrase “good on her” in reference to a woman having fair skin, a statement which Attorney-General George Brandis believes she has the right to make.

The new agreement involves several clauses specifically designed to avoid a repeat of the Kruszelnicki fiasco. Under the new agreement, Armytage will be prohibited from discussing the contents of the report outside of official government materials, prohibited from making adverse remarks about the report without prior departmental clearance and above all, under no circumstances will she be permitted to read the report.

With these new conditions in place the federal government is confident that the nation will be able to have an informed and mature discussion about its future.

Nathan Lentern

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