Julie Bishop’s Boyfriend Allowed Into Cockpit To See How U.N. Is Flown

Bishop and Partner

The boyfriend of Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop was given an extra thrill during his partner’s visit to the United Nations General Assembly when the captain invited him into the cockpit to watch how the organisation is flown.

“I got to stand right behind the Secretary General and watched him pushing the promotion of sustainable development buttons and then he fostered some international co-operation and then I got to be the Secretary of the International Court of Justice for a whole five minutes,” said a clearly excited David Panton as he ran around the couple’s New York hotel room pretending to uphold the convention of the rights of the child and shouting out “Look at me, I’m Ban Ki Moon.”

Panton was later taken to Central Park and allowed to play with some ducks in exchange for having to sit through some boring talk about the UN Security Council that Julie Bishop gave.

“I can’t wait to get back home to work and show my chums all the cool stuff I bought at the UN gift shop,” said Panton as he showed off a souvenir Zero Hunger Challenge box of chocolates and a shirt with “My grandad visited the United Nations and all I got was this Boutros Boutros Ghali T shirt” printed on the front.

Peter Green

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