Abbott Consults Rudd On How Best To Honour Kill The Liberal Party

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Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has reached out to former sparring partner Kevin Rudd to seek advice on the best method to honour kill the Liberal Party after his removal as leader.

Mr Rudd is deeply admired by many in the Liberal Party for the lengths he went to avenge his removal as leader and back stab his way back to the top. In Mr Abbott’s time of need, Mr Rudd is seen as the perfect mentor to nurse him through the dark days.

Already Mr Abbott is slowly getting back in the saddle by conducting interviews with The Daily Telegraph and radio’s Ray Hadley. The results have been impressive, with the ex-leader already breaking his promise to not wreck, undermine or snipe former colleagues.

Conservative commentator Alan Moans spoke to The (un)Australian about the unusual pairing, saying: “You look at Rudd’s actions, the leaking, the bullying, the bossiness and you think why wasn’t he on our side of Parliament? He will provide Tony with direction, motivation and a handy little black book of appropriate journalists happy to publish leaked documents.”

Mr Abbott will take up his seat on the back bench when Parliament resumes sitting in early October. He is also tipped to commence honour killing his former party between now and the next election.

Mark Williamson

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