George Lucas Working On Special Edition Version of Force Awakens

black storm trooper

Creator of Star Wars and founder of LucasFilms, George Lucas has announced that he intends to produce a digitally remastered special edition version of the 2015 box office hit Stars Wars: The Force Awakens. Lucas anticipates the announcement will be warmly received by the Star Wars fan base, which he  understands to “deeply regret” the absence of his more impulsive and self-styled directorship and who have hitherto had reservations about incumbent director J.J. Abrams more conventional techniques.

In 1997 Lucas released Special Edition versions of the original Star Wars trilogy, which are universally acknowledged to have greatly enhanced all three films. A survey of self-described “Star Wars tragics” voted the inclusion of Hayden Christensen in the Special Edition version of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, to be the best thing that ever happened to them.

Lucas is so far remaining tight-lipped over what elements of the film he intends to change, though sources close to Lucas have told The (un) Australian that the veteran director is intending to reshoot scenes with recasted actors who bear stronger resemblances to pre-existing characters in the film with whom they are supposed to have biological links. He is also said to be greatly irritated by the “red arm” C-3PO. Finally he intends to reshoot a scene in which Poe Dameron fires upon Kylo Ren to have Ren first fire at Dameron, thus paving the way for a popular “Poe Shot First” movement.

Nathan Lentern

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