Channel 9 Execs Greenlight Daryl Somers Hypnotism Show, Cluck Like Chickens


Channel 9 executives gave a rare insight into how television shows are selected and produced today by holding a press conference in which they outlined the rationale for choosing Daryl Somers new hypnotism show, and then started flapping their folded arms like wings, bobbing their heads back and forth and clucking like chickens for the rest of the press conference.

Executive producer Whitey McMasters spoke on behalf of the executives: “When the idea was pitched to us we were all getting very sleepy, but then it became clear that the show was inspired and Daryl Somers is the funniest comedian in the history of the entire world.”

McMasters then bit into a raw potato declaring it the freshest and crispest apple he had ever tasted.

“We would also like to announce that we are strongly considering relaunching Hey Hey It’s Saturday,” continued McMasters. As he spoke, one of the other executives fell to their knees and briefly yelled out “Noooooo!” before blood started gushing from his nose and he began convulsing on the dais.

At this point a loud finger snap was heard and the entire team began clucking like chickens while they scratched around the podium, appearing to look for seeds on the ground.

The (un)Australian asked if there was any undue influence being imposed on the decision making process of the team at Channel 9.

McMasters returned to the microphone and said: “Bok bok bok bok bok bogerk!”

Ryan Crawford

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