Mia Freedman Defends Replacing Doormats At Mamamia With A Set Of Scales

Mamamia founder Mia Freedman has defended her decision to replace the doormats at Mamamia’s offices with a set of scales, saying: “It’s healthy to know your and other people’s weight.”

Speaking to The (un)Australian Mia Freedman explained her decision further, saying: “No one has done more for raising the profile of body shaming than me. What do you weigh? 70, 80 kgs? Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone, well I may write about it but it will be behind a paywall.”

When pressed on why she needed to know the weight of everyone who enters into the halls of Mammamia, Freedman replied: “It’s a safety issue, what if a large person wants to use our lift, it’s only licensed to hold 10 people at a time. Or maybe they might sit in my chair and break it or worse they may raid our office fridge.”

When asked what she would do if one of her employees was deemed to be overweight Freedman replied: “I don’t have employees I have interns who don’t get paid in money but rather in exposure. And we all know you can’t gain weight when you’re living on exposure.”

Mark Williamson


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