Guy Sebastian Gives Polite Apology To Rowdy Fan Who Threw Half A Muffin At Him

Former Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian has been captured on video hugging and apologising to an audience member who threw half a muffin at him during a live show in the NSW central west.

“Guy was halfway through “I Like It Like That” when this muffin came sailing through the air and sconed him right between the eyes,” said concert goer Estella Blandford. “He stopped the song, said “Oh golly gosh”, then asked the rest of the audience to emphasise with the muffin thrower before making his way down to the mosh pit to give the culprit a hug.”

“I was getting a bit of a sugar high and got carried away and for some reason decided to toss my muffin towards the stage,” said confectionary throwing perpetrator Aidan Middleroad. “Guy listened to what I had to say and fully understood my point of view, and then apologised for singing a bit flat.”

The concert resumed after the entire crowd had a good long “deep and meaningful” about their feelings.

“I guess if I was in the audience of one of my concerts I’d want to throw something too,” said Sebastian after the show as he wiped the crumbs from his afro. “However it was unprofessional of me to almost utter a curse word and I invited the poor fellow backstage after the show and offered him first choice of any of the muffins from out rider to replace the one he’d lost.”

Peter Green

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