Andrew Bolt To Launch International Men’s Month

Conservative commentator Andrew Bolt has declared war on Women and plans to launch International Men’s Month.

“It is time society took stock and said a collective thank you to all Men for what we have done thus far,” editorialised Mr Bolt. “For too long men’s achievements have been glossed over and the credit given to Women. I mean we celebrate International Women’s day but why is it only International Men’s day not International Men’s month?”

“Yes there are a few bad apples in the bunch but shouldn’t we praise the good ones or even the not so bad ones rather than throw out the lot.”

When asked what he had planned for International Men’s Month Mr Bolt replied: “I want it to be a real celebration of men. Statues of prominent men should be built like Captain Cook and Craig McLaughlin. We could have parades and Women could hold open doors for us for a change. It will be splendid, Men with Men doing manly things.”

No date has yet been set for International Men’s Month.

Mark Williamson

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