United Nations Declares Mark Latham’s Robocalls Cruel And Inhumane Punishment

The United Nation has today declared that Mark Latham’s robocall to all voters in the seat of Longman on behalf of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party is cruel and inhumane punishment.

“We condemn Australia for subjecting it’s citizens to this cruel and quite frankly barbaric punishment,” said a UN Spokesperson. “I ask the Prime Minister is it Turnbull or Abbott? To intervene and stop the inhumane practice of subjecting Mark Latham’s opinion onto innocent people.”

When reached for comment Mr Latham said of the UN: “If I’ve offended them then I must be doing something right, eh. Now look all you precious snowflakes need to realise that by doing these calls I’m not helping Pauline, I’m helping Labor. Do you really think anyone who takes a call for me is going to listen to what I have to say?”

“They’re going to do the opposite, ie vote Labor. I mean have you seen the ratings I draw on Skynews, they’re almost negative. No one listens to old Latho.”

Mark Williamson 


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