David Leyonhjelm Revealed As Latest Chris Lilley Character

Comedian Chris Lilley has broken character to reveal that Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm is in fact played by the comedian himself dressing up in bald face.

“It started as a joke I thought you know I’d run for Senate as David and see where it goes,” said the Comedian.”But things kept snowballing and before I knew it I was in the Senate abusing Sarah Hanson Young.”

“I have to step back as I’ve definitely taken this way too far.”

When asked why now to reveal himself rather than at the last election the comedian replied: “I never thought it would get this far, I mean who’d vote for a Liberal democrat?”

“Then when I started talking about my policies I thought that’ll turn people off. I said we need to repeal gun laws. Surely no idiot would vote for that. But I was wrong. Now I’m being sued so I have to reveal Myself as I wish to claim satire as a defense.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to do what I do best, dress up in black face and mock migrants.”

Mark Williamson 


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