Turnbull Unveils Internet Delivered To Front Lawn In Rolled Up Paper


The Liberal party have announced their new NBN delivery strategy will involve pages of the internet being printed on paper and distributed each day to your house.

 The new Paper To The Curb (PTTC) policy is a far cry from Labor’s original Fibre to the Premise policy, which promised a fibre connection to 97% of the population. The Coalition were strongly opposed to this policy, and suggested that a cost benefits analysis needed to be performed to see if the benefits of faster Internet would outweigh the competitive costs to the existing media industry.

 Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the move to a print distribution model is about making the infrastructure investment more secure for future generations. He continued that a digital network investment was a waste of money. “No one has ever made any money from the Internet” said the former Chairman of OzEmail

 Relevant internet content will be chosen for distribution each day by a bi-partisan panel. The Government would not confirm or deny the rumour that this meant the selections would be twice as partisan as usual. For unexplained technical reasons, a compatible Foxtel connection must be installed at every premise that receives the service.


Alex White

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