Michael Clarke Dismissed By Own Hamstring

michael clarke

Australian Test and one day cricket captain Michael Clarke has been ruled out of this summer’s test series against India after suffering another hamstring injury. The injury blow has shocked and upset his fellow team mates and the Australian cricketing public, however the news has been met by derision by certain old time cricket players.

Speaking exclusively to The (un) Australian, former Test player Bert McHarvey – who played three and a half tests for Australia in the 1942/43 season — said: “A hamstring injury, come on, in my day a cricketer was lucky to have a hamstring. I once saw the great Don Bradman bat for 15 years straight in the desert whilst facing a bowling line-up that included a camel and a tiger, the Don lost a limb before play but he still batted on.”

When the implausibility of his statement was pointed out to McHarvey, he replied: “You young ones today with your facts and figures, I tell you I went into the grocery store the other day and they tried to charge me $4 for a cake of soap, $4! In my day $4 would buy you a car, a house, a year’s worth of fish and chips and a brand new hamstring.”

At 87,  McHarvey is not the most lucid of cricketing minds. However, he has just signed on to host this year’s cricket coverage for ABC Radio. No word yet on who his co-commentator will be, but Michael Clarke’s hamstring has not been ruled out.

Mark Williamson

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