Alan Jones Listeners Face Crisis Of Identity


Alan Jones left listeners confused and anxious yesterday as the veteran conservative broadcaster attacked Prime Minister Tony Abbott on his breakfast radio program. Typically praising of the Prime Minister and the Coalition’s policies, Jones was openly critical of the government’s imposing free trade agreement with China.

“To win an election – and you’re not worth two bob in opposition – to win an election, you’ve got to pass the pub test,” Jones said. “Why can’t we see this Free Trade Agreement… we don’t believe the people who are elected to represent us are speaking our language.”

In a passionate one-way exchange, Jones further attacked the Prime Minister and said, “The public are very, very angry Prime Minister about this I can tell you.” Devoted listeners of the 2GB presenter were left bewildered by the interview and wondered why Jones had turned on the Coalition leader.

Cab driver Mark Claytons, 48, from Bankstown is long time listener of the program. He doesn’t know if he should continue to support the Prime Minister.

“If Alan doesn’t like him anymore, then I won’t either, but he always said Tony was the man for the job.” he said.

Glenda Fardy, 59, HR consultant from Condell Park, said it’s time Jones gave a clear message to his followers.

“With Julia he called her “Ju-liar”, so she was obviously telling porkies. I think Mr Jones should give us a new slogan for Tony, otherwise we don’t know what to do,” she said.

Sallie Shepard


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